Terms of sale

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These general conditions of sale ("CGv") provide for the mode of remote direct mask sales services from order to delivery. These general conditions of sale are intended to establish the rights and obligations of the parties in the online sale of items provided to customers and / or visitors to the website. Any order requires netizens to register on the website in advance, and to irrevocably add direct mask resume. Ordering items on site means that the customer accepts these general conditions of sale with contractual value without restriction or reservation. Customers declare and acknowledge that they have read, understood and accepted these general conditions of sale when they publish an article on the website. The resume can be modified, and the resume applicable to each sale is valid on site. Direct mask On the date of the registered netizen's order.

Article 1 - Definitions
-Customers: Internet users refer to natural persons who contract online to purchase one or more products in their personal and non professional identities, and these products are sold on the website through direct masks.
-Direct mask: kippa cap operates under the logo "direct mask - social capital 1000 euro - headquarters 225 Voltaire Avenue", 75011 Paris France identification D 819 343 161 RCS Paris TVA n 25819343161, represented by its manager, Rudy hababou, in charge of editing the long range sales service ("service"). On site. -General conditions of sale: refers to the on-site access conditions and service conditions provided online by the direct mask. Resumes are available online and on clients' accounts at any time.
-Service: refers to the online direct mask sales service for online consumers and non professional users. -Visitor: a visitor who does not have the identity of a customer. As your visitor, you promise not to copy anything. Any use of the site or any part of it to the contrary constitutes forgery and may result in civil and / or criminal proceedings against you under sections l.335-2, l.335-3 and l.343-1.

Article 2 - establishment of accounts
-Prerequisites for becoming a customer: in order to be a customer, visitors must set up a personal account on the website. You must fill in the required fields, otherwise, visitors may not be able to open an account and become a customer. When you register on this website, you want to be a client, which means: (...) you declare that you are an adult and have the ability to accept the resume and the conditions of service without restriction in accordance with Article 1108 and the following articles of the civil code. (II) you claim to be an individual acting in your own name and not a businessman or professional acting in any way, acting within the scope of their professional activities, especially for the resale of products provided on site; ((III) accept the conclusion of contracts online and acknowledge that the evidentiary agreements contained in the curriculum vitae are in full force and effect, in particular through the use of direct masks or electronic records provided by their service providers for online registration and payment; ((IV) you agree to use the direct mask to collect and process your personal data in accordance with the provisions of your resume and the computer and Freedom Act of January 6, 1978.

In order to sell between the customer and the direct mask, visitors must first open an account online and accept a resume online to become a customer. Direct mask reserves the right to modify the resume at any time, and requires customers to accept new conditions of use before implementation when they first visit the website. The new conditions of use agreed by the customer will be the contract between the direct mask and the customer, which the customer will refer to in accordance with article 1369-1 of the civil code. Customers refuse to accept the new resume when they visit the website for the first time after modifying their resumes. It may not be allowed to provide services to customers directly.

-In order to benefit from the service, each visitor must first establish a personal account to provide personal information (including a valid name, telephone number and email address) essential to the normal operation of the service. If you do not agree to provide your personal direct mask data, you will not be able to register on the website and enjoy the service. Any abnormal or abnormal account (for example, creating multiple accounts from the same IP address) may result in temporary or permanent invalidation of the direct mask account. When you register on the website, you must select a password that allows you to access the service using the user name you choose and view or modify your personal data. You are responsible for all activities on your account. It's your responsibility to keep your password secret If you think any of your passwords are no longer confidential, you must immediately notify to hide them directly. If your password no longer provides sufficient security, direct mask reserves the right to ask you to change your password. Direct mask reserves the right to suspend your access to the website and / or account temporarily or permanently in case of any problem.

Article 3 - output
The products sold on the website are those sold on the website within the existing inventory range when customers visit the website. Direct mask cannot guarantee the supply of products on site. If the connection cannot be made at the time of ordering, the client will be informed through the direct mask. Online sales are products that are selected to be displayed in direct mask shops. If customers want a bigger choice, please visit the direct mask shop. The products are displayed on the website in the most accurate way to meet the requirements of l.111-1 of the consumer law. However, photos showing the products proposed for sale are indicative only, as their representativeness on the website may change.

Article 4 - price
The price of the site is fixed and final. These fees are expressed in Euro and include any fees listed in the summary of purchase orders submitted to the customer for acceptance. These fees do not include the invoice fees in excess of those specified in the order summary received by the customer prior to acceptance of the order. The transportation cost is calculated according to the destination and weight of the actual or volume of the package according to the method specified by the independent carrier selected by the post office or direct mask.
Items ordered are invoiced at the price posted on the website on the day of order. Direct mask reserves the right to change the price at any time without prior notice and without any other formality, except for modification on the website. Promotion codes that can be used on the website are generated only by direct mask. They provide customers with specific quotations. In no case can promotion codes be exchanged for monetary value. If the item is returned due to indirect mask reasons, the promotion code is no longer used in the new purchase.

Article 5 - orders
Navigation enables the client to search the direct mask collection and its partners on the website, and select the items from which to issue commands. Once the customer has completed the selection of the items, the order is divided into three steps: 1 - verify the items selected by the customer: the customer verifies the list of items selected by the customer on site and their sizes and colors. The direct mask informs the customer of the availability of the selected item (S.2) - customer identification: the customer enters the identification and information elements required for the effective execution of the order, including: name, complete coordinates of delivery, Invoice address For this purpose, the customer shall set up a personal account "identified by its email address and password" at the customer's option, and shall undertake (...) to keep strictly confidential, (...) not to disclose any form of information to third parties, and (...) to use it in his personal capacity only. Any order placed with a customer identifier and password is presumed to be a customer order. If a customer already has a personal account, they must connect to the account by entering their email address and password. If necessary, the Secretariat should update or revise duplicate information. Final validation of the order: a summary of the customer order is displayed on the screen. The summary reviews the selection of selected and available items, their size and color, the total price of these items, and the transportation and delivery costs. The customer checks its order summary and may make any modifications it deems necessary. When the customer completes the modification, a new modification command summary is provided to the customer. In order to verify the customer's order, the order summary must be finally accepted by the customer by clicking "verify" on the "verify" button. These general sales conditions are then submitted to the customer so that they can review, print and accept them when needed. Accept these general terms and conditions of sale by clicking the button and accept "equal to final verification of customer order". The client is then directed to the secure site of the direct mask partner bank to pay for the order. The sale is deemed to have been completed when the partner bank issues a notification to receive a payment confirmation through a direct mask. The customer's order is then confirmed by email sent via the direct mask. Direct mask will prepare customer order as soon as possible and inform customer by email. Direct mask reserves the right to reject an order or delivery if part or all of the customer's previous orders are not paid, a dispute with the customer is in progress, the customer refuses to pay or for any other legitimate reason.

Article 6 payment
Payment is made in Euro and only on the secure website of the partner bank's direct mask. Payment is made entirely by bank card, visa, European card, big card, American Express card, etc. If payment is made by credit card, the customer must provide the credit card number, expiration date and visual encryption (the last three numbers on the back of the card). If payment is made with an American Express card, the customer must provide the card number, expiration date, and four numbers on the front. The customer's bank account is entered in the summary sheet accepted by the customer at the start of delivery in Euro on the date of the order. To ensure the security of the payment, the direct mask of secure payment service provided by PayPal is used. The service includes security suite layer technology, which ensures the confidentiality of data (bank card number, expiration date and password) sent by customers through encryption technology (encoding, integrity and confidentiality). The customer's Bank data will not pass through the site at any time. For deliveries outside the euro area, customs, currency and other bank charges will be entirely borne by the customer. In order to provide more information, customers are requested to contact the issuing bank for payment cards and the relevant customs departments. The relevant invoice will be on the website with the title: my account / order, once the product is sent through the direct mask.

Article 7 - proof of order and payment
An email is automatically sent to the customer to confirm the order, provided that the email address in the registration form is correct.
-The customer must verify the integrity and consistency of the direct mask information provided by the customer. The carrier is not liable for input errors and the consequences of delay or delivery errors. In this regard, all costs of transshipment will be borne by the customer.
-Computer records stored in the direct mask company's computer system under reasonable security conditions shall be considered evidence of communication, orders and payments between the parties. The filing of purchase orders and invoices is carried out on a reliable and sustainable medium that can be provided as evidence.

Article 8 delivery
8.1. Delivery area
The geographical area of direct mask delivery depends on the delivery service used. Customers can contact customer service directly to obtain more information about delivery conditions in a particular country in the world. Orders to countries outside the EU are not subject to French VAT. However, they have to pay any taxes and customs fees that may be imposed by the country of destination. These costs and procedures are for the account of the client / consignee. Payment is made directly to the carrier at the time of delivery. The customer is also responsible for verifying import opportunities for ordered products in accordance with the laws of the country of delivery. We suggest contacting the Customs Department for more information.

8.3. Delivery time
Online orders posted through the website Direct mask Except for the legal holidays, there are daily records from Monday to Friday. The direct mask makes every effort to process and send any command issued before 12 o'clock on the day, but the time for processing and preparing the order can be extended according to the requirements of the article, and the time can be between 1 and 2 working days. The transportation company announced below. Direct mask informs the customer that the time of sending does not include Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays. When sending products, e-mail is automatically sent to the customer, provided that there is no error in the email address in the registry. If it is found that the send time cannot be maintained, a new send time will be sent to the customer based on known direct mask data. In this case, advice will also be made to the customer for cancellation of the order, obtaining or refund.

8.4. Transportation time
The time of transportation depends on the carrier and delivery location chosen by the customer. The direct mask takes the time limit for the selected carrier to inform the customer as an indicative notice. Port charges are calculated based on the country of delivery at the time of the basket and are determined according to the selected mode of transport and destination before the final verification of the order. However, the direct mask informs the customer that the announced deadlines do not include Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

8.5. French local delivery mode
From Monday to Saturday, on Saturdays outside public holidays, this delivery allows customers to receive packages directly from Monday to Saturday at the store. Orders must be sent before 12 p.m. Monday to Friday to pick up the package from 2 p.m. Included, replicable from Monday afternoon. The package is processed for 10 working days and 14 calendar days. After this period, the direct mask reserves the right to repay the price of the product.
-Mail - only in the workplace (day) this delivery allows customers to receive mail directly in the workplace during the day. From Monday to Friday, public holidays are excluded. Orders must be delivered from Monday to Friday at 12 p.m. from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. from Friday afternoon to Sunday, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday.
-Standard delivery ("generally defined 48 hours delivery time") this delivery allows customers to receive their packages through post offices and so colisimo services within 48 hours of delivery ("overtime processing and preparation of orders may take between 1 and 2 days"). Delivery time is from Monday to Saturday morning, except for holidays. The package is processed by the post office and delivered to the delivery address specified by the customer. If the delivery is not in place, store the pass at the delivery address specified by the customer, enabling the customer to retrieve the package at the nearest post office. The package is stored in the post office for 14 calendar days. If the carrier does not take delivery of the goods within the specified time, the direct mask will be recovered, which reserves the right to repay the price of the goods, while the cost of the port of shipment is borne by the customer. The delivery time we refer to is indicative and is generally recorded and if the delivery time exceeds the specified time, the port fee will not be reimbursed.
8.6. Mode of delivery outside France
In Europe and abroad, delivery is made through the carrier selected by the customer at the time of ordering. The cost incurred depends on the country of destination of the selected item. The cost and time limit are communicated to the customer before the purchase order is finalized. Orders to countries outside the EU are not subject to French VAT. However, they have to pay any taxes and customs fees that may be imposed by the country of destination. These costs and procedures are for the account of the client / consignee. Payment is made directly to the carrier at the time of delivery. The customer is also responsible for verifying import opportunities for ordered products in accordance with the laws of the country of delivery. We suggest contacting the Customs Department for more information.

8.7. Packaging
Package the product to meet current transportation standards and ensure the best protection of the product during delivery. Whether in after-sales service or in appropriate feedback, customers must follow the same standards. If the product is returned, if we find that the product is damaged due to substandard packaging, the direct mask may decide to only partially repay the product, or refuse to repay the product if the product cannot be resold. Customer's responsibility for the acceptance of the package: the direct mask reminds the customer of its responsibility to inspect the package received in the presence of the consignor, and immediately notify the carrier and the direct mask Customer Service Department of any abnormalities found ("bumping, damaged packages"). The delivery date does not meet the normal delivery time If there is no such statement in the delivery voucher submitted by the carrier to the customer, the claim for the condition of one or more packages cannot be accepted directly afterwards. Carrier related delay in delivery: if the delivery delay exceeds the delivery period announced by the carrier, the customer must first contact the carrier or its distribution office in the case of a post office to determine whether the package is in a ready to ship condition. If necessary, customers can contact direct mask customer service by phone or email to open the dispute or inquiry folder to search for packages.
Some packages may be lost by the carrier. The time limit stipulated by the carrier requires the customer to declare the loss within 10 days after receiving the direct mask sending notice. In this case, the direct mask is responsible for making the necessary claim against the carrier concerned. After filing a claim and conducting an investigation, the carrier can return within three to four weeks.
If the package is found, it will be delivered to the customer's home immediately. If the package is not found, the customer can ask for the same product (...) (...) to be returned, within the available time, by direct mask, or refund of the amount paid. The direct mask will repay the proceeds associated with the carrier's loss.

Article 9 - right to withdraw
According to article l.121-20 of the consumer law, the customer has the right to cancel the order in whole or in part without giving reasons within 14 days after receiving the order (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). Exercise the right of withdrawal: confirm by telephone and e-mail. If there is an error in the direct mask ("defective item or order preparation error, etc.), the direct mask will pay for the return of the item. The customer must forward the invoice of the direct mask carrier to the carrier for compensation. A. receive the product subject to withdrawal right directly in mask mode, provided that( The direct mask will be reimbursed to the customer within 14 days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) after receiving the exercise of the right of recovery from the direct mask, and the return expenses shall be borne by the customer alone. Reimbursement will be made to the customer according to the payment method selected by the customer at the time of ordering. Therefore, the exercise of this right of recovery is not subject to any penalty, except for the freight paid by the customer.

Article 10 - return and exchange
Orders from so Colissimo:
The customer does not have to pay for the full delivery of the products from the date of delivery ("14 days" of the order).
In exchange for reimbursement, the customer shall be deemed to have accepted the product after the delivery period. If there is an error in the direct mask ("defective item" or "order preparation error"), the direct mask will pay for the return of the item. The customer must forward the invoice of the direct mask carrier to the carrier for compensation. When one or more orders are returned, the customer is offered an exchange, creation, or refund.
-If a customer wants to exchange products, he can report to customer service by email or phone. Direct mask can order items for customers. If the new product selected is cheaper than the product purchased on the website, the difference will be created in the name of the customer and will be valid for three months. -If the customer does not want a new product, a revenue amount with a validity period of 3 months should be created and available in the customer account. The customer can also claim reimbursement for the payment. The reimbursement does not include port charges and return charges. In case of any claim, direct mask will make every effort to repay the customer within 14 days.
For orders retrieved from the warehouse:
From the withdrawal of the inventory order, the customer may return the products ("all or part of the order D") without any penalty, except for the return fee for the products concerned, provided that the order is withdrawn within 14 days after the supply date. This allows customers to claim a refund from the store's supply within 29 days. During this period, the available products will be deemed as conforming and accepted by the customer, while the direct mask reserves the right to refuse the transaction, reimbursement or ownership.
If there is an error in the direct mask ("defective item" or "order preparation error"), the direct mask will pay for the return of the item. The customer must forward the invoice of the direct mask carrier to the carrier for compensation.

Article 11 - Protection
According to Article 4 of Act No. 78-464 of 24 March 1978, these provisions should not deprive the customer of legal protection, which requires professional sellers to guarantee the customer against all consequences of hidden defects in the goods sold. The customer was clearly informed that the direct mask company was not the manufacturer of the site's products. Direct mask According to the law of liability for defective products No. 98-389 of May 19, 1998. Therefore, in the case of damage to people or property caused by defective products, customers can only pursue the responsibility of the manufacturer according to the product packaging information. In addition, the company cautions that products, services and information provided with direct masks should never replace the vigilance of adults. If it is the responsibility of the customer to verify with the local authorities the import or use of the product or service you intend to order, then the direct mask liability does not exist. The basic features of the product are shown on the direct mask in each product table. However, the image and color of the product sold on the direct mask may not match the real color of the Internet browser and screen effect used. As for direct mask brand products, the products we propose are covered by the safeguards of French law.

Article 12 force majeure
Neither party shall breach its contractual obligations as long as the performance of these obligations will be delayed, hindered or hindered by accident or force majeure. Any irresistible fact or circumstance, which is not a party, is unforeseeable, unavoidable, not under the control of the party and, despite all reasonable efforts, cannot be prevented by the party, shall be deemed to be accidental or force majeure. The party affected by such circumstances shall notify the other party within 10 () working days after becoming aware of such circumstances. In this case, both parties will, within one month, unless it is impossible due to force majeure, approach the impact of the event and agree on the conditions for continuing to perform the contract. If the duration of the main force case exceeds three months (() 3 months), the aggrieved party may terminate these general conditions.
-Strike in whole or in part within or outside the enterprise, preventing transportation or supply for any reason, government or legal restrictions, computer failure, earthquake, fire, storm, flood, thunder and lightning;
-Difficulties in stopping telecommunications networks or networks outside customers.

Article 13 - confidentiality and personal data
We will guarantee the confidentiality of the registered information entered According to the French information and Freedom Act No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access and correct your information. In your registration, ordering, or other specific operations Direct mask Copy a box to your site on this site. And / or register to be informed of the continuity of their exclusive sales and to receive offers from partners Direct mask Page: 1 You can modify your subscription at any time via the hypertext link below the bid received by email. According to simplified Standard No. 48, direct mask reserves the right to send all or part of your personal data to the contract partner for demarcation, especially for business demarcation. In addition to the above personal data, any use of personal data shall be subject to your prior express consent.

Finally, the direct mask reserves the right to use biscuits. A cookie is a computer file stored on the hard disk of a client's computer. Its purpose is to report a client's previous visit to a website or to allow users to directly manage the traffic of users visiting their website. Biscuits are only used for direct masks to improve customer service. Each client can turn off the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate parameters for its browser. However, such closures may hinder the use of certain features of the site.

Article 14 - General Provisions
Website and service delivery: Mask direct mask strives to ensure that websites and services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, access to the site ("or service") may be disrupted due to maintenance, hardware or software upgrades or emergency site repairs, or due to the inability to control the direct mask. "Direct mask" undertakes to take all reasonable measures to minimize such interference, provided that such interference is caused by direct mask. Copy a box to your site on this site. Direct mask reminds you that the Internet is an open and informal network. It is an international interconnection of computer networks using TCP / IP standards. The management of the Internet is not controlled by any central entity, and each part of the Internet belongs to independent public or private institutions. Its operation depends on the cooperation between different network operators, and does not require the supply or supply quality between operators. Networks may have unequal transmission capacity and clean use policies. Direct mask can't guarantee the normal operation of the Internet, so it can't enter the website partially or completely.
-Direct mask responsibility: direct mask promises to provide diligent professional services as part of the resource obligation. Direct masks can only require repair of direct and foreseeable monetary consequences of damage caused by improper or partial performance. Under no circumstances shall direct mask be liable for indirect or unforeseen damages within the meaning of articles 1150 and 1151 of the civil code, which include, but are not limited to, the loss of any lost profits and opportunities. The cost of obtaining an alternative product or service. In any case, the direct mask's monetary liability to you is limited to the amount actually received through the direct mask at the time of your order, and you cannot be liable for the direct mask. Due to any breach of contract in his resume, within one year from the date of default.
-External links: direct mask can provide simple links to other third-party websites on the website. These connections are only polite. Since direct mask cannot control the content of these third-party websites, all access to these websites is your own responsibility and risk. Direct mask relieves any responsibility for the content or availability of the third party website. You recognize that direct mask is not liable for any loss or damage that you may cause by entering or browsing these third-party websites. Direct mask guarantees professional diligence and does not provide active hypertext links to sites or content that could reasonably be considered illegal. However, after the link is established, the direct mask cannot verify the evolution of the content of the third-party website.
Language and applicable law: the general conditions of use are governed by French law in form and substance. Assuming that the resume will be translated into a foreign language or displayed on the website, only the French version of the resume can be accurate between you and the direct mask. Any dispute relating to performance will be heard by the court of territorial jurisdiction of France.
-Duration and application: these conditions apply to the entire online delivery period of the services provided by the direct mask company. They can be modified at any time with a direct mask.
-Full text of contract: the full text of your accepted resume expresses the direct obligation of service between you and you, and cancels and replaces any statement, promise, oral or written communication, acceptance, contract and prior agreement, About providing direct mask service for you. According to article 1369-1 of the civil code, you can refer to the resume you accept at any time and print it through the browser function provided by you.