L'importance du port du masque par le Professeur Stéfan Darmoni

The team of Direct Masks would like to share with you the recommendation of Professor Stéfan Darmoni.

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"It seems imperative to me to wear a mask for a large part of the population, after the deconfliction. To protect oneself in a personal capacity and also in a populational capacity, i.e. to protect others. As no test is 100% reliable, it is reasonable in the face of this very aggressive pandemic that has resulted in the containment of nearly half of the Earth's population to learn to wear a mask when leaving home, just like putting on a coat or shoes. Training in wearing the mask will also be imperative to avoid the "side effects" of poor wearing. Not to mention causality, it is important to say here that the countries that have been most effective in the mortality of this pandemic are the "tigers" of Asia, namely South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan... whose population is used to wearing a mask. Other explanatory factors are important: Taiwan and Japan are islands, more easily sealed to an influx of external population. They are also countries that are used to social distancing, which will also have to be integrated into our new French way of life. Unfortunately, Latin countries in Europe are paying too great a price for this pandemic, again possibly because this social distancing is more foreign to us. In this context, the wearing of the mask seems to me one of the barrier measures to be put in place in the nearest future, not to mention the others, and in particular the washing of hands with soap when we are at home or a hydroalcoholic gel outside. "


Pr. Stéfan Darmoni
Professor of Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine in Rouen and Deputy Director of LIMICS INSERM U1142